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All Aboard to the Future of High-Speed Rail, America
Today at a train depot in Fresno, Calfornia, the state took the first step in leading America in the construction of the nation's first High-Speed rail network. - 06-Jan-2015

All-In-One E-Bike Motors For An Environmental Commute
Beth Kelly catalogs a growing list of 'All-In-One' electric-assist motors for bicycles from the groundbreaking Copenhagen Wheel to the latest entrant, the Evelo Omni Wheel. - 16-Jan-2015

World Oil Price and Electric Vehicles
LEVA's Ed Benjamin enumerates the many reasons that plummeting oil prices will not only be short-lived, but that multiple other drivers will compel a shift to electric vehicles, including e-Bikes. - 16-Jan-2015

Don't Tax Carbon, De-Tax Renewable Energy Investment
Dr. Robert I. Bell proposes that instead of Cap & Trade or taxing carbon, governments instead reward investment in renewable energy by removing taxes that penalize investors. - 17-Jan-2015

Polaris Becomes Electric Motorcycle Maker
The Minnesota-based recreational vehicle manufacturer buys Brammo, adding it to its growing lineup of electric vehicles. - 19-Jan-2015

HyperLoop Moves Step Closer to Reality
Elon Musk announces he will build a Hyperloop test track, in all probability somewhere in Texas and what he tweeted might just be a tip-off on how extensive it will be. - 19-Jan-2015

First 20 Sun Flyers Headed to Spartan College
Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology pens agreement with Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. to first all-electric, solar-powered training aircraft. - 20-Jan-2015

The Bicycles of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show
EV World's editor in chief comes across a quartet of bicycles at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, but most are just decoration for the trucks and SUV's beneath them. - 20-Jan-2015

BMW i8: The Executive Exit Challenge
EV World captures several automotive executives slipping into the BMW i8 electric hybrid sports car and then - humorously - trying to get back out. - 20-Jan-2015

California Rules: Why the Electric Car Won't Die
Lots of doubters, critics, and pundits see the death of the electric car in plummeting oil prices; Levi Tillermann isn't one of them. - 21-Jan-2015