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Range-Extended Electric Metrocab Developers Begin Taxi Driver Campaign
Following the in-market trials this year, the Metrocab will be rolled out in London and other key cities in the UK and internationally. - 15-Jan-2014

Electric Car Risks Different, Not More, Says NHSTA Official
U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration deputy administrator David Friedman reports electric cars like the Tesla Model S 'don’t pose any greater risks than gasoline-fueled vehicles.' - 15-Jan-2014

Toyota's Bob Carter Escalates 'War of Words' Over the Future of Fuel Cell Car
Toyota SVP challenges the negative views of CEO's at Tesla, Nissan and Volkswagen toward fuel cell vehicles, saying they have same potential as Prius in 1998. - 15-Jan-2014

2014 Will Be Watershed Year for Electric Vehicles, Contends Navigant
The EV market will reach several milestones in 2014 and will also be looking for ways to diversify their revenue streams. - 15-Jan-2014

Luxury Car Makers Bentley, Rolls-Royce Considering Electric Hybrid Models
Business Insider learns why Rolls-Royce and Bentley are looking at plug-in electric hybrid versions of their high-end luxury cars. - 16-Jan-2014

Affordable, Mass Market Tesla Electric Car Three Years Away
No due until sometime around 2017 time frame, the mass market Tesla electric car is targeted to be priced around $35,000USD - 16-Jan-2014

BYD Qin Electric Hybrid Goes On Sale in China
Official corporate press release and video indicates this plug-in electric hybrid has come a long way since its 2008 predecessor, the DM3. - 16-Jan-2014

Daimler Chief Sees Fuel Cell Cars A Decade Away
CEO Dieter Zetsche sees more promise in early deployment of autonomous driving vehicles than fuel cell cars. - 16-Jan-2014

Smart Electric Bicycle Goes on Sale in Limited US Markets Spring 2014
Three years after its debut at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, smart introduces the production version of smart's sub-$3K electric-assist bicycle. - 16-Jan-2014

Are Electric Cars Ready for Center Stage After Century Waiting in the Wings?
Ford researchers found there are more than 270,000 electric cars on the roads of the world, yet they are still relatively unknown to most people, writes Andy Scarre. - 16-Jan-2014