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Rise of the Bicycle Now Unstoppable
Salon's Lindsay Abrams speaks with writer and bike activist Elly Blue about the inexorable rise of the bicycle in the 21st century. - 14-Jan-2014

Tesla's 'Audacious' Plan to Dominate the EV World
Automotive News' Mark Rechtin drills deep into Tesla's plans out to the year 2020, plans that will stretch its capabilities 'beyond its comfort zone.' - 14-Jan-2014

United States Remains Largest Fuel Cell Market
80% of global investment in the fuel cell industry in 2012 was made in companies based in the U.S., according to US Energy Department reports. - 14-Jan-2014

Daimler Introduces 'Edition Citybeam' Smart ForTwo Car
In addition to ICE-age engine options, the 'edition citybeam' model will be available with a 55kW electric drive system. - 14-Jan-2014

Looking Beyond Electric Car Early Adopters
Matt Frades sees three key factors that will drive electric car acceptance in the coming decade. - 14-Jan-2014

Sorry, But Transport Turbines Won't Charge Electric Car
The idea of using vehicle-mounted wind turbines to recharge an electric car's batteries is a popular notion, but it can't work, argues Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield. - 14-Jan-2014

Tesla's Game Changing Supercharger Network
Tesla plans to have 80% of US market covered in 2014 and 98% in 2015, undermining most of the arguments against electric cars. - 14-Jan-2014

Life with A Hydrogen-Powered Car
Jon Spallino, one of the earliest adopters to lease a Honda FCX Clarity shares his experience leasing Honda's first commercially-available fuel cell cars. - 14-Jan-2014

The Schwitter's Journey Toward an EV World
The Chad Schwitters family began by converting their Prius to a plug-in and has now progressed to a Tesla Model S - 15-Jan-2014

Electric Chauffeur Service Launches in London
eConnect uses Nissan LEAF 'Teknas' for its on-demand, door-to-door chauffeur service out of its Canary Wharf office in London, England - 15-Jan-2014