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Plugging In Your New Electric Car Isn't As Simple As It May Sound
Actually it is, but you need to get your home wiring right from the start. - 13-Jan-2014

The Future Belongs to Electric Vehicles
Professor of physical science and director of sustainability at Brenau University Dr. Rudi Kiefer sees the electric motor replacing the internal combustion engine. - 13-Jan-2014

UK Launches 5-Year Electric Bus Trial
Eight electric buses will take over a route that even diesel buses find demanding: running 17 hours a day, seven days a week. - 13-Jan-2014

Volkswagen: We Need Electric Cars... Just Not in Australia
Volkswagen Group of America CEO and president Michael Horn explains to CarAdvice why the German carmaker is focusing so much effort on electric-drive vehicles. - 14-Jan-2014

Ten Essential EV World Trends For 2014
Richard Lane speculates on developments we're likely to see in 2014, including the market breakout of electric motorcycles. - 14-Jan-2014

Your Grandkids Won't Know What an ICE-age Car Is
Jordan Ecarma sees the sudden demise of GM's Hummer division as the harbinger of what will happen with other oil-dependent, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. - 14-Jan-2014

Hong Kong Group Bids $55 Million for Fisker Assets
Hybrid Technology, led by Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li, is offering $30 million in cash and would cancel $25 million in debt that Fisker owes it. - 14-Jan-2014

Electric Hybrids Most Sought-After Models by 2019
KPMG’s annual auto survey finds that ICE downsizing will lead automotive technology trend, but plug-in vehicles will develop in parallel , including both battery and fuel cell drive systems. - 14-Jan-2014

FACEOFF: Tesla Vs GM in Competition to Bring Affordable Electric Car to Market
The race to bring an 'affordable' electric car to the marketplace bits two companies with diametrically opposite cultures, contends Nathan Bomey. - 14-Jan-2014

CMU Study Sees Parking As Next Electric Car Barrier
Carnegie Mellon University study finds only 56% of vehicles today have access to off-street parking. - 14-Jan-2014