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China Auto Manufacturers Expecting Record Hybrid, EV Sales This Year
Deputy secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Ye Shengji forecasts hybrid and electric car sales in China will be between 60-80,000 units in 2014. - 12-Jan-2014

FedEx to Trial Fuel Cell Range Extenders
PlugPower will will develop hydrogen fuel cell range extenders for 20 FedEx electric delivery vans, mirroring a similar experiment by the French postal service. - 12-Jan-2014

Solar Impulse II Electric Airplane Nearing Completion
Giant solar airplane that will attempt to fly around the world in solar energy alone is nearly completion with scheduled unveiling in early April. - 12-Jan-2014

North Carolina Begins Collecting $100 Electric Car Road Use Fee
Fee includes both all-electric cars like the Nissan LEAF. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are exempt. - 13-Jan-2014

Hybrid Car's 12V Battery Affected By Winter Temperatures, Too.
Every hybrid car is equipped with a small 12V battery that powers its the car's electronics and if it's drained by the cold, just like a regular starter battery, the car won't run. - 13-Jan-2014

Chances Getting Better Your Next Car Will Plug-in
Devin Thorpe suggests you take a picture of your car, because its likely to be the last ICE-age model you'll own. - 13-Jan-2014

Audi Reveals e-tron Shooting Brake Concept
The compact crossover concept would be offered with three different powerplant options including the e-tron electric hybrid drive rated at the equivalent of 123.8 mpg. - 13-Jan-2014

Peak Oil Obituaries Are Clearly Premature
Michael Klare lays out the reasons why pronouncements that peak oil is 'dead' ignore three key realities. - 13-Jan-2014

US Agency Downgrades 2014 Toyota Prius Safety Rating
Under new test standards, the Prius' front crash rating on 2014 Toyota Prius from top-rated five stars to four. - 13-Jan-2014

Tesla Issues Replacement Charger Adapters
Besides issuing over-the-air software upgrade, Tesla will be issuing new UMC NEMA 14-50 connectors that are more resistant to overheating. - 13-Jan-2014