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NYC's Electric Bike Ban Is About Powerless Immigrants
Chinese takeout food deliverymen are penalized for using electric-assist bicycles in New York City. - 11-Jan-2014

Toronto Puts Hold on E-Bike Access Proposal
Confusion over what constitutes an 'ebike' causes Toronto Public Works Committee to delay decision on status of electric scooters. - 11-Jan-2014

Report: Global Electric, Hybrid Transit Bus and Taxi Market Projections
Amazingly, there are a reported 78 hybrid electric bus manufacturers globally and the market for these and similarly powered taxis is forecast to group to $60 billion after 2023. - 11-Jan-2014

Report: Manned Electric Aircraft 2013-2023
45 organizations are covered in this 250 page report that considers developments in a wide range of aviation electrification initiatives. - 11-Jan-2014

Will A Chinese-Owned Fisker Rival Tesla Motors in US Market?
With Hong Kong businessman Richard Li on the verge of taking control of Fisker Automobiles, will it become the beachhead into the US market for other Chinese carmakers? - 11-Jan-2014

Toyota Working on Vehicle-to-Home Backup Power System
Toyota's FCV hydrogen fuel cell car might someday serve as an emergency power generator capable of easily supplying a home's electricity needs. - 11-Jan-2014

Bentley Plans Plug-In Electric Hybrid SUV for 2017
The luxury car maker will use system similar to that found on the Porsche Panamera on its 4X4 luxury sport utility vehicle. - 12-Jan-2014

Another Electric Carshare Club Forms in Britain
Blackhall Mill residents, near Gateshead, will launch their electric carshare club using funds from Britain's national lottery; the car will be available for £5/hr. - 12-Jan-2014

French Carmaker PSA Sells 50,000th Diesel-Hybrid
The Hybrid4 drivetrain found in four PSA Peugeot Citroen models offers fuel consumption 35% better than similar-sized diesel engine alone. - 12-Jan-2014

Fisker Melodrama Continues As Bankruptcy Judge Authorizes Auction
While creditors ally to get some of their money back from failed Fisker Automotive, Bob Lutz is turning the Karma into a four-door Corvette. - 12-Jan-2014