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Tesla, AT&T Partner to Provide High Speed, In-Vehicle Connectivity
AT&T connectivity will power Tesla's remote engine diagnostics, telematics, and industry-leading infotainment features such as Internet radio, Web browsing, live traffic, weather and navigation - 09-Jan-2014

GTA Announces Groundbreaking of Car Mississippi Car Plant
Much delayed electric car plant will break ground and when completed will built a larger sedan and the small, two-seat MyCar - 09-Jan-2014

Hybrid, Electric Car Sales In UK Climbed 17.5% in 2013
2013 sales account for 1.4% of all vehicles registered in the UK in 2013, of which 3,584 qualified for government £5,000 grant. - 09-Jan-2014

Ten Electric Vehicle Predictions for 2014
Market research organization Navigant makes ten predictions that run the gamut from wireless charging to a 'volatile year' for Tesla Motors. - 09-Jan-2014

Wirelessly Charging Electric Cars Cost Energy
Being able to wirelessly charge an electric car is very convenient compared to plugging it in, but it also means it will cost more in terms of energy needed. - 10-Jan-2014

Report: Electric Marine Vessel Market to Grow to $6.3 Billion
Research and Markets issues new report on global market for "Electric Boats, Small Submarines and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) 2014-2024." - 10-Jan-2014

Report: The Growing Global Market in LEV and Micro EVs
Market research group foresees Light Electric Vehicle or LEV sales growing globally to 130 million units by 2025, as well as the emergence of Micro EV. - 10-Jan-2014

Report: The Market for Electric Vehicle Range Extenders
Reporterlink.com 'Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2013-2023' looks at the market for range extenders in wide range of vehicles, both land, sea and air. - 10-Jan-2014

Volkswagen Reveals Its Electric Car Strategy
Rudolf Krebs, the Group Commissioner For Electric Vehicle Drive Systems at Volkswagen Group, talks with AutoblogGreen about its plans to be the leaders in electric cars. - 10-Jan-2014

Nissan Chief Anticipates LEAF Production Soon Hitting 3,000 Units a Month
Buoyed by 130% sales increase in 2013, Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn, thinks company can sustain producing 4,000 of the electric cars per month. - 10-Jan-2014