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Evatran Begins Shipping Wireless Electric Car Charging System
Plugless system reportedly compatible with Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF electric cars. - 07-Jan-2014

Electric Car Sales in Germany Fall Back in December
Despite rollout of Tesla Model S, BMW i3 and VW e-up!, just 445 units were sold in Germany in December 2013, although sales for the year were up more than 200%. - 07-Jan-2014

OSVehicle Reveals Urban TABBY Electric Kit Car
Urban TABBY will be available in two and four-seat models with all electric or hybrid drivetrain for between €4000 to €6000 ($5445-$8168USD). - 07-Jan-2014

Toyota Fuel Cell 'Car of the Future' Goes on Sale in 2015
Official Toyota press release highlights plans to introduce its FCV concept car in 2015, contending that 'this infrastructure thing is going to happen.' - 07-Jan-2014

Formula E: How's It Stack Up On the Track?
Brian Handwerk compares the energy efficiency of electric Formula E racers to their internal combustion engineer counterparts in this National Geographic blog. - 07-Jan-2014

India's Rural Poor Are Taking to the Road on Electric Bikes, Mopeds
Affordable two-wheeled electric vehicles are giving India's rural villages a new mobility option that improves their lives and economic opportunities. - 07-Jan-2014

Early Tesla Investors Back Proterra Electric Bus Series C Round
Besides the Pritzker's other investors include Perkins Caufield & Byers; General Motors Corp.’s GM Ventures, and Edison Energy Inc. - 09-Jan-2014

BYD Electric Bus Completes New York City Trials
MTA testing was carried out on different routes throughout Manhattan, including M20, M42, M104, M98, M60 and Bx27 with average battery consumption of 1.4 miles per % SOC, translating to over 140 miles per full charge in heavy traffic. - 09-Jan-2014

Nissan Announces 2014 LEAF Electric Car Pricing
2014 Nissan LEAF will be priced from $28,980 to $35,020USD and come in three trim levels: LEAF S, SV and SL. - 09-Jan-2014

Fisker Bankruptcy: The Saga Continues
Silicon Valley Bank reports it will vote for Hybrid Technologies LLC to acquire Fisker’s assets in the face of a competing bid from another company. - 09-Jan-2014