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Isle of Man Motorcycle Racing to Pit Electric Bikes Against Gas
Goal is to get more electric motorcycles on the road and using the Isle of Man competition seen as a way to promote the technology and public awareness. - 12-Feb-2014

Isle of Wight Prepares for Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure
ITM Power will install four 80 kg/day vehicle refueling stations and one 15 kg/day marine refuelling station. - 12-Feb-2014

Hydrogen Generation from Artificial Photosynthesis Achieves New Milestone
HyperSolar announces a 1.2V milestone in quest for 1.5V open circuit voltage necessary to splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. - 12-Feb-2014

Anti-ship Fouling Polymer Could Create Nonflammable Lithium Batteries
Perfluoropolyether or PFPE exhibits very interesting properties beyond its nonflammable characteristics, including good ion transport. - 12-Feb-2014

Better Battery Technology Key to Climate Change
To move beyond fossil fuels, we need an effective, affordable way to store renewable energy, writes John Kemp. - 12-Feb-2014

A123, Boston-Power Have Stakes in Fisker Auction
Besides supplying the Karma with its batteries, A123 was bought by Wanxiang's US unit, while Boston-Power has partnered with Hybrid Tech, the other key bidder in the bankrupt luxury plug-in carmaker. - 12-Feb-2014

Firms Form Next-Generation Lithium Battery Joint Venture
Robert Bosch GmbH, GS Yuasa International Ltd., and Mitsubishi Corporationset up a joint venture known as Lithium Energy and Power GmbH to be based in Stuttgart, Germany - 12-Feb-2014

Toyota to Recall 1.9 Million Prius Hybrids
Largest recall to date is for software glitch that can cause the vehicle to slow down suddenly. Report does not identify model years. - 12-Feb-2014

Test Drive: Audi A3 e-tron Plug-In Hybrid
David Undercoffler concludes the A3 e-tron's success will depend on how Audi prices the electric hybrid that has an EV-range of up to 30+ miles. - 12-Feb-2014

Honda Considering Hybrid Odyssey Minivan
Proposed hybrid Odyssey minivan could use 50 percent less fuel using as little as 3.8 liters/100 km, or the US equivalent of more than 60 mpg. - 12-Feb-2014