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Yes, Electric Cars Are Ready for the Prime Time!
Jeremy Laird argues 'The world is ready for electric cars, it just doesn't know it.' - 11-Feb-2014

What Pecan Street EV Owners Think About Their Electric Cars
Research results of survey of 68 owners of Volts, Leafs, i-MiEV and Tesla Model S find a high level of satisfaction. - 11-Feb-2014

All-electric Cars Competing with Plug-In Hybrids for So. California's Charge Stations
Plug-in hybrid owners of Chevy Volts find they can cut their operating costs by using free electricity, tying up charge stations, preventing all-electrics being able to charge. - 11-Feb-2014

Tesla Announces Pricing on Model S in Hong Kong
60kWh Model will start at HK$579,000 (US$74,649.96), while the 85kWh version will start at HK$761,800 (US$98,218.20). - 11-Feb-2014

How Tesla Aims to Compete in China
While the electric car market in China is lackluster, it also suggests that Tesla will have few and any real local competitors. - 11-Feb-2014

Beijing's Electric Taxi Drivers Experiencing Operational Problems
There are around 1,150 electric taxis roaming the districts of Beijing, with a total of 539 charging stations, but queues to recharge take up to six hours. - 11-Feb-2014

China's New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Extension Jump Starts Tesla, Kandi Share Prices
Tesla jumped more than 6% in Monday afternoon trading on the stock market today. Kandi, which trades on the NYSE exchange in the U.S., soared 11%. - 11-Feb-2014

Yes Virginia, Electric Cars Do Have Issues
In truth, electric cars only solve one particular issue, writes blogger: tailpipe emissions; they don't really address a host of other problems. - 11-Feb-2014

Racing First: Electric Motorcycles to Race with Petrol Models on Isle of Man
After several years of racing separately from their gasoline bike competitors, three races on the Isle of Man will also feature electric models. - 12-Feb-2014

Mugen to Field Third-Gen Electric Motorcycle at 2014 TT Zero Race
Mugen's third-generation electric motorcycle will be ridden by John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey on this Spring on Isle of Man. - 12-Feb-2014