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Irish Researchers Claim Lithium Battery Cycle Life Breakthrough
New germanium nanowire-based anode will allow lithium batteries to charge and discharge more than 1,000 times. - 08-Feb-2014

Nissan LEAF Batteries to Get 'Second Life' as Grid Storage
Sumitomo Corporation and Nissan are collaborating on repurposing lithium batteries from Nissan LEAF electric cars. - 08-Feb-2014

Scoot Electric Rental Grows in San Francisco
Over the past 16 months, Scoot has enabled 10,000 rides while covering an aggregate distance of more than 50,000 miles. - 08-Feb-2014

Pennsylvania Bill Moves Step Closer to Legalizing Electric-Assist Bicycles
edal-assist electric bicycles under Smith’s bill are defined as bicycles equipped with operable pedals, an electric motor 750 watts (1 horsepower) or less, weighing 100 pounds or less, and capable of a maximum speed of not more than 20 mph. - 08-Feb-2014

Fewer US Households Driving These Days
List of top ten cities with the fewest cars per household includes one's you'd expect: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., but also Milwaukee and Detroit. - 09-Feb-2014

What Carsharing, Social Trends Mean to Auto Industry
The growth of carsharing services is starting to have a small but noticeable impact on the auto industry, new research finds. - 09-Feb-2014

Used Tesla Model S Electric Cars Selling for More Than New
ISeeCars.com finds that the average used Model S is selling for $99,734, nearly $10,000 more than a brand new model... if you can get one. - 09-Feb-2014

Alcoa, Israel-based Phinergy Plan Aluminum-Air Battery Joint Venture
Alcoa said it expects the new technology can extend electric vehicle range by about 1,000 miles. - 09-Feb-2014

Wireless Bus System Goes Into Year-long Trials in UK
Eight buses will travel a 15-mile route between the English suburbs of Wolverton and Bletchley; using wireless charging, a 10-minute layover will provide two-thirds needed energy for entire route. - 09-Feb-2014

Malaysian Transit Service Orders 15 BYD K9 Electric Buses
15 BYD electric buses will be operated Kuala Lumpur’s first BRT line exclusively for electric buses . - 10-Feb-2014