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Chevy Spark EV : Maybe the Best Overall Electric Car Out There
John Goreham finds the Spark EV is a good electric commuter car that 'has so much going for it.' - 06-Feb-2014

Tesla Ranks Fifth in Consumer Reports Brand Perception Survey
Premium electric car maker moves ahead of Mercedes-Benz and BMW in American brand perception. - 06-Feb-2014

Tesla Says It Will Deploy Battery Swap Stations Between LA and San Francisco
Each station uses the same machinery employed at the Tesla factory to swap a Model S battery pack in around 90 seconds. - 06-Feb-2014

Nine Reasons USA More Car-Dependent Than Europe
In 2010, Americans drove for 85 percent of their daily trips, compared to car trip shares of 50 to 65 percent in Europe - 06-Feb-2014

Study Foresees Near Tripling of 'Electric Boat' Market
Current 'electric boat' market, estimated at $.26 billion, is projected to increase to $7.3 billion by 2024. - 07-Feb-2014

Hero Unveils Lithium-Air Electric Motorcycle Concept
Ion advanced motorcycle concept said to make first use of lithium-air battery with energy storage density comparable to gasoline. - 07-Feb-2014

Hero's Debuts SimplECity Electric Motorbike Concept
Stylish concept offers top speed of 60 km/h with powered provided by 4kW hub motor and 20 amp hour lithium-ion battery. - 07-Feb-2014

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tuk-Tuk Concept Revealed at India's Auto Expo
Four-wheeled auto rickshaw concept offered as a replacement for traditional three-wheeled, motor scooter based mdoels. - 07-Feb-2014

Mahindra Reva Previews 'Halo' Electric Sports Car
The electric car can hit 100 km/h less than 8 seconds and has a top speed of 160 km/h. Pricing is thought to be under $6,000US in India. - 07-Feb-2014

The Challenge of Fostering India's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Naren Karunakaran reports on the status of India's slow push towards an EV world. - 07-Feb-2014