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Electric Cars and Solar: A Match Made in Japan
Honda is tying solar energy with its Honda MC-ß electric city car, making it emission free. - 04-Feb-2014

Tesla's Record-Setting X-Country Run
The Tesla team of 15 people in two Model S, a balky sleeper van, and another swag wagon traversed 3,464.5 miles in 76.5 hours - 04-Feb-2014

All-Women Qatari Team Wins First Gulf HEV Competition
Qatari all-women's team won first GCC hybrid electric vehicle competition held in Abu Dhabi - 04-Feb-2014

AMP Patents Extended Range Hybrid Drive for Delivery Vans
E-GEN Drive only runs range extender engine when the vehicle has come to a stop to keep the batteries recharged. - 05-Feb-2014

2014 Forecast To Be Good Year for Electric Cars
IHS Automotive is predicting that global production of EVs and plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) will rise 67 percent in 2014 with the largest region being Europe-Middle East-Africa at 40% of market share. - 05-Feb-2014

Lessons I Learned From Driving BMW's i3 Electric Car
Irish Independent columnist Eddie Cunningham drives the i3 around Amsterdam for a couple days and comes away impressed but still not sold. - 05-Feb-2014

How Jack Anderson Came to Love Electric Cars
Plug-In NCW's volunteer project manager lists other reasons beyond environmentalism for why he drives an electric car. - 05-Feb-2014

Neal Saiki Launches First in Line of Solar-Powered Delivery Bikes
Founder of Zero Motorcycles introduces NTS SunCycle electric-assist bicycles. - 05-Feb-2014

Investors File Suit Against VC Firm, Others Connected to Fisker Automotive
Second group of plantiffs filed lawsuit claiming that the defendants violated securities law by allegedly misleading the plaintiffs into investing in the company. - 06-Feb-2014

Tesla Motors: Is It the Next GM or Amazon?
Ben Levisohn speculates, along with Trip Chowdry that Tesla's high market valuation may be because it's 'creating a new Transport-as-a-Service Industry (TaaS), which is probably about $100 Billion Industry.' - 06-Feb-2014