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Hollywood Stars Defy Death Valley in Mercedes Fuel Cell Car
Hollywood stars Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson take Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell fuel cell car into California's Death Valley to see if they can live off the water it produces. - 01-Feb-2014

Climate Change Happening and Prince Charles Is Spot On
Visiting professor of Public Ethics at the University of Chester in England, Paul Vallely sides with Britain's Prince Charles on the reality of climate change. - 02-Feb-2014

UK Deputy PM Determined to Make Britain Electric Car Leader
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announces joint 'Go Ultra Low' campaign with car manufacturers to promote the benefits of ultra low emission vehicles. - 02-Feb-2014

UK Gov't Invests £9 Million In Increased Electric Car Charging Infrastructure
Expansion of current 6,000 charge point system in Britain will include addition of 140 fast chargers that can enablers drivers to recharge their EVs in as little as 30 minutes. - 02-Feb-2014

Forty Train Stations to Get Electric Car Chargers in England
List of train stations getting EV charge points released and include stations in Cornwall. - 02-Feb-2014

1,000th Fast-Charge Stations Goes Live in Europe
A new rapid charging point located at the Roadchef Clacket Lane Services in Surrey, England is the 1,000th to go live in Europe. There are 195 such units now in Britain. - 02-Feb-2014

Renault Sells 10,000 Zoe Electric Cars in First Year
While reportedly only 20% of originally anticipated target, nonetheless, the ZOE has high customer satisfaction rate of 98%, with 97% being willing to recommend the electric supermini. - 02-Feb-2014

BMW i3 Sales Stun Analysts
BMW in US reports it already has some 1,200 pre-orders for the i3 electric car, which won't go on sale until Spring of 2014. - 02-Feb-2014

Mahindra Ups It's Electric Vehicle Game with Sports Car, Racer
In addition to upgrading the performance of its e2o electric car, Mahindra also plans to develop an electric sports cars. - 03-Feb-2014

Hero Debuts Leap Hybrid-electric Motor Scooter
Leap hybrid scooter uses an 8 kW electric motor coupled with a 124 cc petrol engine, giving it a range of 340 km. - 03-Feb-2014