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Porsche's First Motorcar Was... Yes... Electric
Designed when Porsche was 22, the P1 was powered by a 5-hp electric motor and had a range up to 49 miles and top speed of 21 mph. - 31-Jan-2014

Sequoia Equities, NRG Partner on EV Charging for Multi-family Buildings
28 apartment communities across California will be equipped with 240-Volt Level 2 electric car charging stations. - 31-Jan-2014

'Truck Belt' Georgia Ranks Fourth in Electric Car Adoption
Georgia ranks behind Washington state, Hawaii and California in electric car registrations with the most popular being Nissan's LEAF. - 31-Jan-2014

Telsa Model S Won't Qualify for China's Electric Car Incentives
Government subsides worth $19,000USD can cut the $61,100 price of BYD's e6 electric car, but can't be applied to Tesla's Model S, which carries a base price of $121,000USD. - 31-Jan-2014

NASA Electric Car Program Demonstrated Great CO2 Reductions Than Anticipated
Program that lets employees charge at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is showing greenhouse gas emissions ten times greater than anticipated. - 31-Jan-2014

Review: 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid
2014 Pathfinder Hybrid represents company's re-immersion into the hybrid car market with its chief competitor being the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. - 31-Jan-2014

UK Government Continues Its Support for Electric Vehicles
UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg asserts there is 'no date in the diary' for stopping electric car subsidies, which can be up to £5,000 for cars and £8,000 for vans. - 31-Jan-2014

French Put Fuel Cell Range Extender to the Test
With a full battery charge and 1.72kg of compressed hydrogen of board, total range for the hydrogen range-extender Renaults is 200 miles. - 31-Jan-2014

Big Oil's Big Problem: Increasingly Expensive Production Costs
The world’s major oil companies all suffer from some version of the same problem: They’re spending more money to produce less oil. - 01-Feb-2014

Clearing the Air on Electric Vehicles & Air Pollution in America
NRDC's Roland Hwang finds that media reports regarding a recent North Carolina State University study are misleading, reporting the opposite of that the study found. - 01-Feb-2014