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Norway Considering Reducing, Eliminating Electric Car Incentives
Spectacular success of electric cars in Norway where 21,000 are now registered likely will see a reduction or elimination of incentives once 50,000 have been registered. - 29-Jan-2014

Want Electric Cars to Catch On With the Public? Upgrade Their Image
Cardiff University's Paul Nieuwenhuis thinks electric cars need to be re-imaged away from their 'puritanical' perception by the public. - 29-Jan-2014

NYC Carriage Drivers: Electric Cars Are Not Like Horses
Carriage driver perspective on replacing their animals with period electric touring cars. - 30-Jan-2014

America's Smartest Cities Have Fewest Car Owners
The Atlantic finds a correlation between the education levels of American cities and the percentage of car owners. - 30-Jan-2014

Redesigned VW Polo May Incorporate Plug-In Electric Hybrid Drive
Developing a plug-in hybrid system in a supermini that can be sold at a competitive cost could prove to be a challenge in a market segment with narrow profit margins. - 30-Jan-2014

Plug-In Hybrids and Natural Gas: The Future of Auto Propulsion
John Goreham sees a natural marriage between plug-in hybrid drive systems fueled by compressed natural gas. - 30-Jan-2014

BYD, Singapore Institute to Develop Autonomous Electric Car Systems
Singapore's Institute for Infocomm Research and China's BYD will develop over 100 electric smart cars for test-bedding in Singapore. - 30-Jan-2014

100 BYD Qin Electric Hybrids Sold Within Two Seconds
Within moments of the plug-in hybrid going on sale online, 6,000 people registered to order the car and 4,155 tried to purchase the new model. - 30-Jan-2014

Review: Cadillac ELR Luxury Electric Hybrid
Detroit Free Press' Mark Phelan reviews Cadillac's high-end luxury electric hybrid sports coupe. - 30-Jan-2014

Test Drive: Infiniti QX60 Hybrid
Driving's Brian Harper tests drives the QX60 hybrid and concludes that the biggest change he'd like to see is the introduction of a diesel for the gasoline engine. - 30-Jan-2014