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Flywheels: Alternatives to Hybrid Car Batteries?
Using recovered kinetic energy, flywheels like those now being used in Formula One race cars can improve the fuel efficiency and performance of ICE vehicles. - 28-Jan-2014

Formula One Racers Are Now State-of-the-Art Hybrids
Energy recovery systems appearing this season on Formula One racers have yet to appear on consumer cars. - 28-Jan-2014

Eight More Drivers Sign On for Formula E Race Series
Formula E plans 10 races over several months starting with a race in Beijing in mid-September and ending with a race in London in mid-2015. - 28-Jan-2014

Low-Speed Electric Car Sales Taking Off in China
The annual sales of low-speed electric vehicles in China hit 200,000 in 2013, climbing from less than 20,000 in 2009. - 28-Jan-2014

Forecast: $3 Billion Secondary-Life Battery Market by 2035
Battery manufacturers anticipate that automotive batteries will retain 80% of the original capacity, on average, offering opportunity for stationary applications. - 28-Jan-2014

Canadian Bikeshare System Struggling to Survive
Does Bixi's financial problems, stemming from cities withholding payments, signal the beginning of the end of America's bikeshare experiment? asks Time's Christopher Matthews. - 29-Jan-2014

E-Bikes To Dominates Light Electric Vehicle Sales
IDTechEx paid report anticipates annual sales of 130 million e-bikes by 2025 with most sales concentrated in Europe, Japan and China. - 29-Jan-2014

UK Retailer Tesco Expands Electric Bicycle Offering
Company now offering a range of Hopper electric-assist bicycle ranging from £380 to £490. - 29-Jan-2014

Honda Micro-Car Said to be Gaining Popularity in Japan
MC-B can be charged by solar energy and is part of the CO2-free city of Miyakojima program. - 29-Jan-2014

Hertfordshire E-Car Club Launches with Nissan LEAF Electric Cars
University of Hertfordshire E-Car Club members can hire an Nissan LEAF for just £5.50 per hour. - 29-Jan-2014