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Tesla Completes US Transcontinental Supercharger Network
Supercharger network now enables LA-to-NYC trips, including scenic route across the Dakotas. - 28-Jan-2014

2025: Year of the Battery Singularity?
The point where batteries replace gasoline but at lower lifetime costs, is the singularity point where they completely replace combustion engines. - 28-Jan-2014

Actually, Electric Cars Are Good for the Planet
Slate's Will Oremus does what most headline writers didn't bother to do: he actually talked to Joseph F. DeCarolis, the co-author of the paper on electric car emissions. - 28-Jan-2014

Are 'Carless' Cities the Wave of the Future?
Detroit Bureau's Paul Eisenstein investigates the phenomenon of more cities exploring the feasibility of going car-free, from Santa Monica to Hamburg, Germany. - 28-Jan-2014

Toyota By-Passing Lithium for Solid State Batteries
Future first wave of production of solid-state batteries should deliver an electric vehicle driving range of at least 500 kilometers, or 300 miles. - 28-Jan-2014

Thriev Adds 20 BYD e6 Electric Taxis to London Fleet
Thriev is the second London taxi service to introduce BYD's e6 electric cars. - 28-Jan-2014

Historic EV Foundation Supports Route 66 National Electric Highway
Project would transform historic Route 66 into America's first electric highway. - 28-Jan-2014

The Colder It Gets, the Greater the Savings When Driving an Electric Car
UK's FleetCarma does their analysis of what happens as winter weather plummets temperatures to below freezing. - 28-Jan-2014

Nissan Reveals Revolutionary New Engine for ZEOD Le Mans Racer
New 3-cylinder, turbocharged engine that will co-power Nissans ZEOD hybrid electric Le Mans entry this year has a better power-to-weight ratio than the new engines to be used in Formula 1 this year. - 28-Jan-2014

Review: VW Golf GTE Electric Hybrid
The VW Golf GTE will utilize technology similar to that used in the Audi A3 e-tron, offering EV-mode range of up to 31 miles. - 28-Jan-2014