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BMW Expecting US Demand for i3 Electric Car Will Outpace Supply
BMW already has 1,000 'hand-raisers' in North America who indicate they want to purchase the i3 compact electric car. - 27-Jan-2014

Are We Ready for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars?
Hopes are high, but so is skepticism on the future of hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, reports the Washington Post. - 27-Jan-2014

Despite Doubters, Toyota Presses Ahead with Fuel Cells
While the cost of a hydrogen refuel station infrastructure might be as high as $2 million, Toyota's Bob Carter thinks that number is 'misleading.' - 27-Jan-2014

Toyota's Strategy to Dominate China's Hybrid Car Market
Of the 22 million cars sold in China last year, only 3,000 of them were hybrids, Toyota aims to change that situation. - 27-Jan-2014

Hyundai Planning 2015 Launch of Electric Hybird
It also plans to introduce 'electronic version' of Kia Soul and a mid-sized electric car in early 2015. - 27-Jan-2014

Iran Carmaker to Introduce Plug-In Hybrid Runna
FNA reports that Iran Khodro Powertrain Co. has completed development work on 'National Hybrid Car' plug-in drive train for use in Hybrid Runna, which will have EV-mode range of 70-80 km. - 27-Jan-2014

Tesla's Competitors Aren't Other Electric Cars
According to Tesla's Diarmuid O'Connel its chief competitors are gasoline cars from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which means the market is a lot larger than some think. - 27-Jan-2014

Looks Who's Taking a Serious Look at Electric Car Charging Station Installations
Real estate investment trusts, REITs, the folks who build and operate shopping malls, that's who. - 27-Jan-2014

Royal Marine Launches Saiettas Electric Motorcycle
Telegraph profiles founder and CEO of Agility, creators of the Saiettas Electric Motorcycle. - 27-Jan-2014

Ryno Electric Unicycle: Safer Than It Looks
Wired's Tim Moynihan reviews the electric, self-balancing unicycle. - 28-Jan-2014