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Tesla Motors 'Snowplows' Way for BMW's i-Series Electric Cars
While BMW's Ludwig Willisch, the company's North America CEO, says the company isn't targeting its US competitor, he does acknowledge Tesla's role in raising public awareness of electric car technology. - 25-Jan-2014

Test Drive: Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric Car
Greg Kable gets to evaluate Mercedes-Benz's answer to the BMW i3 electric car. - 25-Jan-2014

I Get to Drive Toyota's Highlander Fuel Cell SUV
Washington Post's Brian Fung takes Toyota's Highlander FCEV for drive around the DC area and reports what the experience was like. - 25-Jan-2014

Outlander Electric Hybrid: Mitsubishi's 'Staggering' Leap Into the Future
New Zealand's National Business Review takes a closer look at Mitsubishi's Outland PHEV electric hybrid sport utility, which will launch in there without government incentives. - 25-Jan-2014

London-to-Edinburgh In One Day By Electric Car
Three years ago, it took four days to make the 400 mile trip from London-to-Edinburgh; now it can take just a day. - 25-Jan-2014

Can Norway's Successful Electric Car Policies Be A Model for the World?
Electric cars are now enjoy an 11 percent market share in Norway due to favorable government policies, but can those policies be replicated elsewhere? - 25-Jan-2014

What Will It Take For Americans to Start Buying Electric Cars?
According to EDTA electric drive vehicles (which include hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and full-electric vehicles) have climbed to 3.8% U.S. market share -- up from 2.4% in 2010. - 25-Jan-2014

Electric Cars Are A Bargain
Washington state resident Pat Campbell defends his electric car from charges that he'd not paying his fair share of road taxes. - 27-Jan-2014

Electric Cars Can Hold A Charge, But - For Now - Not Their Value
Casey Williams considers the reasons why - for now - electric drive car resale values are projected to be low compared to their gasoline or hybrid competitors. - 27-Jan-2014

Test Drive: Volkswagen e-Up!
Digital Spy's Hunter Skipworth reviews the e-Up! and finds it 'all an electric car needs to be.' - 27-Jan-2014