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Daimler's Zetsche: Practical Fuel Cell Vehicles A Decade Away
Fuel cell stack costs and lack of refueling infrastructure will slow the rollout of practical - affordable - hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. - 23-Jan-2014

Solar Will Make Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Obsolete by 2030
Stanford University professor Tony Seba is working on his next book that predicts decentralized energy generation will replace centralied power generation. - 24-Jan-2014

Rossi Honda Becomes First, Only Grid Neutral Status
Rossi Honda installs 223kW solar PV system that generates 100% percent of its total electricity consumption from solar energy. - 24-Jan-2014

Hyundai Announces$499 Lease for Tucson Fuel Cell SUV
While the Tucson FCEV sport utility vehicle isn't yet available to lease, Hyundai notes that some 88,000 people have visited its micro web site since its launch. - 24-Jan-2014

Electric Cars May Change How the Power Grid Operates
CMU study finds that letting the utility decide when and where to recharge an electric car can save the owner from $70-120 annually on their power bill. - 24-Jan-2014

Seattle Lithium Battery Maker Claims 'Next-Generation' Energy Breakthrough
EnerG2 introduces nano-structured silicon and carbon into lithium battery cathodes that it claims nearly quadruples electric car range and improve life cycle by 5X. - 24-Jan-2014

New Recycling Process to Improve Rare Metals Recover in Lithium, NiMH Batteries
Tecnalia will set up pilot demonstration facilities that can selectively recover cobalt, lanthanies, nickel, and lithium from salvaged batteries. - 24-Jan-2014

Electric Trucks, Buses Can Help Reduce Urban Air Pollution
Margaret Gordon OpEd endorses California Governor Jerry Brown's initiative to put more electric vehicles on the road, but also wants more of them to be logistics and transit vehicles, which are heavy urban air polluters. - 24-Jan-2014

Can Mate Rimac's Concept_One Dethrone the Bugatti Veyron?
The 25 year-old Croatian designer claims his car's electric drive can produce 1018 hp and hit a top speed of 305 km/h (190 mph), while also having a range up to 600 km. - 24-Jan-2014

Windfall: Profiteering From Global Climate Change
Grist's Michael Mechanic interviews 'Windfall' author on how capitalism isn't going to be enough to solve global warming. - 25-Jan-2014