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First BMW i8 Crashes on German Autobahn
German police said to believe 30 year-old test driver was driving too fast on the A92 Autobahn north of BMW headquarters in Munich. - 21-Jan-2014

Cadillac ELR Lease Terms Announced
Full cost of the 39-month, 32,500 mile lease will total a whopping $33,260 , plus 25ยข per additional mile. - 21-Jan-2014

Minnesota Team Unveils Lightweight Human Electric Three-Wheeler
Tricycle design combines attributes of a bicycle and a motorcycle, weighing 700 lbs and powered by electric motor. - 21-Jan-2014

Electric Vehicles Offer Utilities Great Opportunities Than Challenges
Compared to the estimated equivalent of 16,000 kWh of energy consumed by gasoline autos annually, an electric model will use less than 4,000kWh for the same 12,000 miles traveled. - 22-Jan-2014

Electric Vehicles Seen Having Only Small Impact on Reducing Emissions
North Carolina State University study finds electric-drive vehicles contribution to reducing high-profile air pollutants. - 22-Jan-2014

Are Hydrinos In Our Future?
Energy analyst Tom Whipple highlights a trio of companies attempting to commmercialize what's being referred to as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or LERN. - 22-Jan-2014

When Little Disorder Could Be a Good Thing for Lithium Batteries
An MIT battery with the disordered cathode was able to maintain an energy density of 660 watt-hours per kilogram. - 22-Jan-2014

Sugar Battery Packs More Energy Than Lithium
Virginia Tech researchers have built a high-density fuel cell that uses an enzymatic pathway to create a lot of electricity from glucose. + - 22-Jan-2014

Formula E Sets Up New Headquarters in UK
44,000 sq. ft. facility will include facilities for each of the 10 teams at Donington Park Racing Circuit. - 22-Jan-2014

US Energy Department Announces $50 Million for Advanced Vehicle Development
Funding opportunity will support a wide range of technologies that further cut fuel costs for drivers and help make vehicles more efficient and durable. - 23-Jan-2014