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Dispelling Five Electric Car Car Myths
Christian Science Monitor takes on some of the more common and erroneous myths about electric cars - 20-Jan-2014

MahindraReva to Unveil 4-Door Electric Car
The unnamed all-electric car will be the first sporty all-electric EV developed in India. - 20-Jan-2014

Employee Electric Cars Outnumber Charge-at-Work Stations
Too many electric cars, not enough workplace chargers creating tension on Silicon Valley tech campuses, reports San Jose Mercury News. - 20-Jan-2014

In the Future, All Cars Are Electric, Some Will Fly
Brad Feld shares the musings of science fiction writer William Hertling on the future of mobility, circa 2030, one that includes electric vehicles, hyperloops, and finally cars... finally. - 21-Jan-2014

Toyota's Next Challenge: 'Heart-racing' Camry and Prius Hybrids
With hybrids becoming mainstreat, the trend sending Prius and industry leading Camry need to step up their game to stay ahead, which is a risky challenge. - 21-Jan-2014

Gen Y Most Interested in Connected, Electric Hybrids
Soon-to-be-released Deloitte report finds strong interest among Generation Y/Millennials in cars with 'alternative engines', but cost is major barrier. - 21-Jan-2014

Virginia a Step Closer to Repealing Hybrid Car Tax
$64 fee unfairly targeted hybrid owners because a number of gas-only vehicles not subject to the tax get better mileage than many hybrids, opponents argued. - 21-Jan-2014

Tesla Announces Supercharger Installations in China
Locations and extent of Supercharger network in China not yet announced. - 21-Jan-2014

Demand for Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Surges in Netherlands
Of the 8,197 electric hybrid SUVs delivered to Europe to date, 8,009 have been sold to Dutch customers - 21-Jan-2014

Will Model X Send Tesla's Stock Price Even Higher?
Q4 2013 share prices exceeded expectations by 20 percent, helping return TSLA into the $170 range. - 21-Jan-2014