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London-to-Edinburgh: Electric Car Race Replay
David Peilow and actor Robert Llewellyn will attempt to make London-to-Edinburgh run in ten hours, highlighting the vastly expanded EV infrastructure now available in the UK. - 18-Jan-2014

How Electric Car Fleets Could 'Spark' the Market
In in every 1000 cars sold in Britain since the launch of the government's incentive program has been electric, while the French have bought three times as many EVs. - 18-Jan-2014

Singapore's Second Phase of Electric Car Tests May Focus on Car-Sharing
Electric cars seem tailor-made for urban car-sharing programs from several perspectives including size, noise, pollution and operating expense. - 18-Jan-2014

Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid SUV Qualifies for UK's £5,000 Grant
Britain's Office for Low Emission Vehicles has ruled that Outlander PHEV is eligible for the PiCG grant. - 18-Jan-2014

The Coming Extinction of ICE Age Autos
'Rambling Man' Garrison Wells thinks the demise of gas guzzling autos in America is going to happen a lot sooner than people expect. - 18-Jan-2014

Trends Indicate Continuing Fall in Battery Prices
Zachary Shahan compiles a short bibliography of articles since 2010 showing the continue drop in electric car batteries. - 20-Jan-2014

Tesla Appears to be Learning for Lessons of History
Motley Fool contributor Shamus Funk considers the lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of previous electric car makers: Baker, Detroit Edison and GM's EV1. - 20-Jan-2014

Tesla Motors: A Reflection of Its Father
Profile of Elon Musk, the 'father' of Tesla Motors, as well as head of SpaceX and co-founder of Paypal. - 20-Jan-2014

Dave Kunz on Cadillac's ELR Luxury Electric Hybrid
KABC Channel 7 news reporter reviews Cadillac's Tesla Model S fighter, the ELR electric hybrid. - 20-Jan-2014

Legal Framework Needed Before Autonomous Cars Navigate City Streets
In Germany, computer-assisted driving is allowed but only up to speeds of 10 kilometers per hour (6.2 miles per hour). - 20-Jan-2014