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Automobile Meets Audi's Answer to Star Trek's Dr. Spock
Automobile magazine's Michael Jordan, not the basketball star, reviews the 2015 Audi A3 e-tron Sportback after zipping around So. Cal's Pacific coastline. - 04-Jan-2014

Beijing's Cars Limited Factor in City Air Pollution, Study Finds
Beijing, China's crippling smog comes, largely, from coal, industrial pollution and inorganic aerosols, with it burning trash and its 5.5 million cars responsible for just four percent. - 05-Jan-2014

Mark Ruffalo On A Solar-Powered Future
Actor and activist, along with Mark Jacobson and Marco Krapels talks about 'hang gliding' over the natural gas 'bridge' to a renewable energy future. - 05-Jan-2014

VW e-Up! Electric Car Drivers Offered Use of Gas-powered Cars
Picking up on BMW's strategy, Volkswagen will offer its e-up! electric car drivers in Germany 'free" use of a conventional car for longer trips. - 05-Jan-2014

Jim Motavalli Reviews $199 A Month Electric Cars
Between the Chevy Spark EV, the smart ED and the cute Fiat 500e, in NY Times writer Motavalli's opinion, GM's spunky little electric car came out on top in driving review. - 05-Jan-2014

Gulf Engineering Students Challenged to Build Hybrid Racers
Engineering students Abu Dhabi to Oman are going to get their first taste of creating a hybrid electric car in the first-of-its kind Taqa GCC Hybrid-Electric Challenge. - 05-Jan-2014

Sri Lanka Reportedly Readying for an Increasingly EV World
Beside the proliferation of public charging stations, recent steps by nation's central bank will make it easier to import electric cars to the island in the Indian Ocean. - 05-Jan-2014

Hybrid Cars A Harder Sell on Jamaica
Despite their better fuel economy, buyers on Jamaica remain largely skeptical about hybrid car technology, reports Sunday Gleaner writer Sheldon Williams. - 05-Jan-2014

Cars: The Love Affair Is Over
Curbing Car editor Micheline Maynard sees the proverbial handwriting on the wall: the age of the automobile is passing and there's no turning back. - 05-Jan-2014

ElectroForce Hopes to Lure Chinese Commuters Onto Electric Motorcycles
Founded by a trio of engineers in 2013, the company has already developed two models, a 'street fighter' and a sports model competitively price between $4,200USD and $5,000USD. - 05-Jan-2014