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Report: 350,000 E-Drive Commercial Trucks to be Sold By 2020.
In contrast to consumer car buyers, fleet operators consider total lifecycle operating costs, which in the case of electric-drive trucks make financial sense. - 16-Jan-2014

How Do Electric Car LIfecycle Emissions Compare to Gasoline Cars?
In the three stages of any car's lifecycle, it is during the production stage that an electric car generates more emissions and over its lifecycle it will be far less than ICE-age models. - 16-Jan-2014

World Sleepwalking Into Global Energy Crisis, Says U.S. Army Officer
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis reports that a deeper look at oil and gas production data reveals 'our current course cannot continue without significant risks.' - 17-Jan-2014

Why We Buy The Cars We Do
In the case of electric cars, 'more buyers say that they did so due to environmental concerns (32%) than gas mileage (29%).' - 17-Jan-2014

Fuel Cells Will Become Competitive When They Become Platinum-Free
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants partner Wolfgang Bernhart explains the facts of life about automotive fuel cells and that in the mid-term, battery and hybrids systems will 'forge the way to zero-emission mobility in the near future.' - 17-Jan-2014

BMW Preparing Special Edition i3 for Its 'Electronauts'
BMW Active E 'Electronauts' will get the first of the specially upgraded i3 electric cars off the production line. - 17-Jan-2014

VIA Motors Introduces Its Range-Extended Electric Pickup at 2014 NAIAS
Based on the Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup, the charge-sustaining e-drive offers up to 40 miles of battery range and 400 miles of hybrid driving range. - 17-Jan-2014

Test Drive: Volvo V60 Plug-In Electric Hybrid
UK publication gives its impressions on Volvo's electric hybrid that offers up to 31 miles of EV-mode driving range. - 17-Jan-2014

Do Electric Scooters, Mopeds Belong In Bicycle Lanes?
Toronto is wrestling with what to do about electric-mopeds and scooters that technically qualify as 'e-bikes,' but can, with driver and rider weigh up to 650 lbs. - 17-Jan-2014

Nissan Working on Next Generation Electric Sports Car
Nissan global design chief Shiro Nakamura talks about the thinking going into the design of a 'flamboyant, all-electric sports car.' - 17-Jan-2014