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The Game's Afoot to Put British Cabinet Ministers Into Electric Cars
British PM David Cameron's Cabinet could become first in the world to switch from ICE-age limousines to electric cars. - 02-Jan-2014

Forecast: Hybrid Sales to Reach 1 Million Annually in US By 2022
Considering hybrid sales in the USA reached a third of a million in 2012 and likely will be over half a million in 2013, Navigant's numbers seem overly conservative. - 03-Jan-2014

Is 2014 the Year to Buy Your Electric Car?
Not unless you got promoted or earned a nice raise, concludes Richard Lane who analyzes the progress made in EV technology and pricing. - 03-Jan-2014

Tesla Tops EV Sales in Iceland in December
The numbers might be small compared to the larger market in Iceland, but five Model S's outsells the two Nissan LEAFs registered in December 2013. - 03-Jan-2014

Testing Electric Cars, Hybrids at UK's Millbrook Proving Grounds
Millbrook Proving Ground's Alastair Wynn offers insights into how electric and hybrid cars are tested in Britain. - 03-Jan-2014

US Consumer Attitudes Toward Green Tech Rebounds, According to Survey
Navigant survey finds US consumer attitudes about wind and solar energy, as well as hybrids and electric cars have improved from their 2012 levels. Continuing its decline is nuclear power. - 04-Jan-2014

Brammo Offers Cash Incentives to Replace Federal Tax Break on Electric Motorcycles
With the expiration of the 10% federal tax credit, Brammo is offering retail incentives are $2,000US on its Empulse model and $1,000 on the Enertia Plus. - 04-Jan-2014

Toronto e-Scooter Compromise Proposed
While 'pedelecs' would be allowed access to same paths as bicycles, heavier electric mopeds and scooters would be allowed on bike lanes only. - 04-Jan-2014

US E-Drive Cars Sales Jump 84 Percent in 2013
96,000 electric and plug-in electric hybrids were sold in 2013, while 489,413 hybrid vehicle were sold in the US, a increase of 27% over 2012. - 04-Jan-2014

Auto Week Gets Behind the Wheel of BMW i8 Electric Hybrid
Greg Kable takes the i8 for run around BMW's Miramas test track in France and concludes, 'the production version will live up to its billing as a sports car.' - 04-Jan-2014