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Michigan Academician: Electric Cars Make No Sense
Retired Wayne State professor of Mechanical Engineering Howard Shapiro writes that hybrids make more sense than do all-electric cars. - 30-Jan-2013

Austin EV Drivers Pass 10,000 Charging Sessions Milestone
Austin, Texas Plug-In EVerywhere network consists of 152 charging stations at 57 locations - 01-Feb-2013

Dublin Cabby Saves £6,500 Operating Nissan LEAF
In 18 months, Padraig Daly has put 55,000 km on his Nissan LEAF e-taxi as part of trial program between ESB and his employer, National Radio Cabs. - 01-Feb-2013

Hertz Introduces On Demand Service Using Chevrolet Volt
University of Connecticut, which launched Hertz On Demand in 2011, now has over 800 members enrolled in the program, and will have six vehicles with the addition of the Chevrolet Volt. - 01-Feb-2013

Visio.M Demonstrates Light, Safe Electric Car
Project appears based on the MUTE light-weight [500 kg] prototype developed at echnische Universität München. - 01-Feb-2013

Ford Hybrid Sales For January On Track to Set Record
Sales of an estimated 5,500 Fusion Hybrids will represent one-quarter of the 21,000-plus sales of all Fusion models, also a new January sales record for Ford. - 01-Feb-2013

Bacteria-Inspired Enzyme Could Create Hydrogen From Water In One Step
Princeton research team's arti­fi­cial cat­a­lyst could be made from abun­dant and cheap com­po­nents, such as iron, making low-cost, low-energy production of hydrogen feasible. - 01-Feb-2013

Investor Considering Electric Car Sales on Saipan
Although make and models are not specified, the cars will be brought into the island through a non-profit organization being lead by David Burger. - 01-Feb-2013

Verizon Joins DoE Workplace Charging Challenge
Verizon and 12 other companies will help develop and commercialize the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations. - 01-Feb-2013

Obama Administration Adopting 'More Realistic' E-Car Goal
Some 488,000 hybrids and electric car were sold in the USA in 2012, representing 3.3 percent of the market, but to reach 1 million by 2015, share would have to increase to 6 percent. - 01-Feb-2013