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Mercedes-Benz Provides Fuel Cell Bus to Davos Delegates
The latest Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid boasts fundamental innovations that include improve energy recovery, lithium-ion batteries and 120kW hub motors. - 27-Jan-2013

Dreamliner, Volt Share Batteries, But Differing Safety Regimes
While carmakers have worked for lithium batteries for several years, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial aircraft to use them and the government is still adapting to the technology. - 27-Jan-2013

Oak Ridge Develops Safer Electrolyte
New solid electrolyte would prevent thermal runaway and fires, as well as store five times more energy. - 28-Jan-2013

Honda to Lease Accord Plug-In for $429US
The 2014 Accord Plug-In earned the highest EPA MPGe rating (115 MPGe) in its class, topping all plug-in-class competitors - 28-Jan-2013

Mercedes Delays F-Cell Production to 2017
Speculation is that delay decision based on lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure, though system costs are likely an equally important justification. - 28-Jan-2013

European Union Proposing Electric Car 'Plan B'
European Union is now proposing to require a minimum number of public charging stations in its member nations with Denmark expected to install 5,000 units by 2020. - 28-Jan-2013

Maruti Suzuki Mulls Development of Hybrid Model
India's National Electric Mobility Plan 2020 is viewed as encouraging the development of more 'eco-friendly' cars in the local market. - 28-Jan-2013

Europe's Big Bet on Electric Vehicle Future
In the light of slow sales of EVs in Europe, in 2011, the European Union would require as many as 148,000 publicly-accessible charging stations in Germany, alone. - 28-Jan-2013

Daimler, Ford, Nissan Sign Trilateral Fuel Cell Agreement
The collaboration expected to lead the launch of world’s first affordable, mass market fuel cell electric vehicles as early as 2017. - 28-Jan-2013

Hybrids, Plug-Ins Selling Better Than We're Being Told
According to Mintel hybrids and electric cars where the fastest growing segment of US auto sales in 2012. - 29-Jan-2013