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Newest Electric Car 'Buzz' From Consumer Reports
Summation of Consumer Reports reviews of Mitsubishi i, Tesla Model S and Ford Focus EV. - 25-Jan-2013

Texas Lawmakers Considering EV Fees
Since plug-in vehicle owners don't use any or as much fuel as conventional cars, lawmakers see the fee as a way to equalize their share of highway maintenance funding. - 25-Jan-2013

Pennsylvania Offering Buyers $3,000 Rebate on Electric Vehicles
Lesser rebates also offered on smaller battery plug-in hybrids and $500 on electric motorcycles and scooters. - 25-Jan-2013

Virginia Governor Proposes EV Fees
Governor McDonnell is proposing $100 per year fee on electric-drive vehicles, plus a $15 new car registration fee that ICE-age car owners don't have to pay. - 25-Jan-2013

Ohio Researchers Experiment with EV Motion Control
The 1,750 lbs. (800 kg.) utility vehicle, known as an FIWA, is powered by four independent 7.5kW electic motors and a 15kW lithium-ion battery pack. - 25-Jan-2013

Mitsubishi Recalls 14,700 i-MiEV, MINICAB EVs
The recalled vehicles may carry an improperly shaped or damaged electric pump, which sends air to the brake booster. - 25-Jan-2013

EU Looking to Impose EV Charge Point Minimums
Member states will have until 2020 to meet the new targets with just under 10 million electrical vehicles and their supporting public charging stations as part of goal to avoid price spikes and volatility from peak oil. - 25-Jan-2013

Pentagon Experimenting with Electric Cars For Back-Up Power
US Defense Department is running a year-long test to determine feasibility of using electric vehicles like the Smith Newton stake bed electric truck for energy storage with potential savings of up to $7,300 per vehicle per year. - 25-Jan-2013

Why Are China's Cities So Horribly Polluted?
Excerpt from Tom Millers 'China's Urban Billion - The story behind the biggest migration in human history.' - 27-Jan-2013

Toyota, BMW To Collaborate on Batteries and Fuel Cells
BMW and Toyota will also jointly develop lightweight carbon fiber technologies for vehicle bodies. - 27-Jan-2013