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DataXstream Announces Electric Car Incentive Plan for Employees
Virginia-based company would pay the initial state fees for leasing a new electric vehicle for three years. - 19-Jan-2013

Nissan, GM Continue to Make the Case for Electric Cars
Both carmakers used the 2013 North American Auto Show in Detroit to 'service notice' that they are in the electric car business for the long haul. - 19-Jan-2013

Development Efforts Continue on Tata Electric Car
First displayed at 2012 Detroit auto show, Tata says it continues to study the question of electric mobility. - 19-Jan-2013

Kickstarter Helps Launch 'Future of Transportation'?
Elf electric-assist tricycle can carry up to 350 pounds of cargo and is powered by both the driver and an electric motor running off a 480-watt lithium battert, with a range of up to 30 miles. - 19-Jan-2013

Hertz Introduces Electric Car Club in Milton Keynes, UK
Free-to-join Hertz On Demand car sharing club will enable local residents and businesses to reserve and drive Nissan LEAF vehicles in Milton Keynes from just £5.00 per hour. - 19-Jan-2013

Next Generation Chevy Volt Will Cost Less, Says GM
GM North American President Mark Reuss tells media at 2013 Detroit auto show that will take 'thousands of dollars' out of the cost of the next generation Volt. - 19-Jan-2013

Reality World: Week One with Our Electric Car
Mercury News' Deborah Petersen relates she and her husbands first week owning a Nissan LEAF electric car. - 20-Jan-2013

Nissan Reduces Price on LEAF In UK
With British government incentives and a £2,500 price cut, customers can purchase the LEAF electric car for £23,490. - 24-Jan-2013

ePowerTrucks Highway-capable Electric Shuttle
The electric road-legal, six passenger bus has a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge and can be recharged in 8-10 hours or the battery swapped in minutes. - 24-Jan-2013

Millennials Want Greener Cars, Connectivity
McKinsey survey of young adults in U.S. and Germany still view cars favorably, but want them to be more sustainable, as well as offer enhanced connectivity. - 24-Jan-2013