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Researchers Discover Way to More Efficiently Extract Hydrogen from Methanol
University of Rostock chemists in Germany use a ruthenium-based catalyst to extract three of the four hydrogen molecules out of methanol. - 04-Mar-2013

Hyundai Begins Series Production of Fuel Cell SUV
First of series of 1000 fuel cell SUVs to be built by 2015 rolled off assembly line in Korea. - 04-Mar-2013

Test Drive of VW's Golf Electric Hybrid
Telegraph reviews the up-coming Volkswagen Golf concludes that depending on the price of the plug-in model, it is on a par or even better than diesel model. - 04-Mar-2013

February Plug-In Sales Report
John Voelcker analyses February 2013 sales of plug-in cars from Chevy Volt to Toyota Prius PHV. - 04-Mar-2013

Plug-In Cars Playing Catch-Up with Hybrid Models
Jenny Staletovich recounts the sales trajectory of electric cars like the Ford Focus EV compared to hybrids that were introduced some fourteen years ago. - 04-Mar-2013

What If the World Were Full of Electric Cars?
Chris Spann drives a Nissan LEAF, but also realizes that electric cars aren't the 'savior of motoring.' - 04-Mar-2013

February E-Drive Car Sales Up As Gas Prices Climb
Electric Leaf sales were up 36.6 percent over February 2012, while Volt sales for 2013 are up about 60 percent over the same period last year. - 04-Mar-2013

Johnson Controls Lithium Battery to be Paired with German Electric Boat Motor
The cleaner and quieter motor is priced at $19,999 and lithium battery packs starting at $15,000. - 04-Mar-2013

Moroccan Engineering Students Plan Solar-Powered Electric Car
Proposed project would develop a 300kg (660 lbs) electric vehicle that would be charged via photovoltaic solar panels. Top speed would be up to 100 km/h. - 04-Mar-2013

Falling Lithium Battery Prices Seen As 'Game Changer'
While new technologies are making more oil available, the global appetite for it is slowing down, which will impact Saudi revenues, among others. - 04-Mar-2013