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China Needs Electric Cars More Than Hybrids to Stem Imported Oil Demand
China has set a target to sell 500,000 electric vehicles by 2015. - 01-Mar-2013

Facts Disprove 'Myth' of Failed Electric Car Sales
ChargePoint founder Richard Lowenthal counters 'myth' of failed electric vehicles sales. - 01-Mar-2013

Land Rover Demonstrates Electric Defender
All-Terrain Electric Defender is powered by 70kW electric motor and 300V lithium-ion battery with 27kWh capacity, giving it a range of more than 50 miles. - 01-Mar-2013

UK Gov't Approves Volvo Electric Hybrid for Ultra-Low Carbon Incentives
Buyers of the first production plug-in electric hybrid to utilize a diesel engine is now qualified to receive a grant of £5000 on the £43,775 Volvo V60 D6 AWD. - 03-Mar-2013

A Good Problem: California's Electric Car Charger Congestion
John Voelcker reports on the 'problem' of there being more demand for public chargers than available parking slots at times in California. - 03-Mar-2013

Will Electric Bikes Ever Be Legal in New York?
New York magazine's Adam Martin becomes an 'outlaw' e-biker by riding an electric bicycle in New York City. - 03-Mar-2013

Electric Cars Coming, Like It Or Not
Michael Vaughn is concerned that governments are starting to 'force' electric cars on their citizens, citing example of London Mayor Boris Johnson's ban to all cars in central London that aren't 'green.' - 03-Mar-2013

Volt, LEAF Prices Coming Down
Nissan announces 18 pct price drop on electric LEAF, while GM is promising 'thousands' off on the Chevrolet Volt. - 03-Mar-2013

Georgian President Drives Himself in Nissan LEAF Electric Car
Accused of extravagant spending Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili now drives what is said to be his personal car, a Nissan LEAF. - 04-Mar-2013

Electric Hybrids Propelling EPA to Revise Its Test Procedures
Agency action comes as a result of Consumer Reports tests of Ford C-Max mileage tests fell well below EPA numbers. - 04-Mar-2013