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China Considers Expanding Electric Car Incentives to 25 Model Cities
At present, local governments decide the size of electric car subsidies after termination of original central government program that offered subsidies up to 60,000 yuan. - 28-Feb-2013

Toward More Mobile Cities
Innovative Metropolis conference highlights global city approaches to moving people and goods more sustainably and efficiently. - 28-Feb-2013

McLaren P1 Electric Hybrid Supercar to Cost $1.15 Million
McLaren plans to build just 375 of the 217.5 mph supercars, that will also have an EV-mode range up 12 miles at 30 mph. - 28-Feb-2013

Audi to Debut A3 e-tron Electric Hybrid
Audi A3 electric hybrid will have three driving modes, including a 30 mile EV-mode range. - 28-Feb-2013

'Right-sizing' Detroit Plan Unveiled
Plan explodes with a new kind of urban optimism, a Detroit Future City that does not depend on economic growth but instead centers on creating high-quality places for people and nature - 28-Feb-2013

Electric Jetliner Closer Than First Imagined
Advanced design firm Empirical Systems Aerospace (ESAero) have modeled two variants of an 150-passenger electric airliner that doesn't require superconducting motor technology. - 28-Feb-2013

Team China Racing Joins Formula E Championship
The electric car championship, scheduled to begin in May 2014, with first two cities signed on being Rio de Janeiro and Rome. - 28-Feb-2013

Bicycle Commuter Numbers Up 17 Pct In England, Wales
In addition, walking is up 20 pct, as is taking the train, 42 pct and light rail and underground (subway) up 45 pct. - 01-Mar-2013

Elon Musk: Tesla Plans to Repay Gov't Loan Earlier Than Scheduled
With SEC quiet period now over, Tesla's CEO explains the company's financial position. - 01-Mar-2013

Mahindra Reva Commits to E2O Launch This Month
Mahindra is planning to 30,000 units by the 2015-2016 timeframe, counting on the car's low operational costs and battery rental scheme to overcome initial premium. - 01-Mar-2013