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Zipcar Adds Honda Fit EV to San Francisco Fleet
Electric car will be demonstrated to the public and media during 'Charge Across Town' EV Week in in San Francisco on September 17 and 18, 2012. - 27-Feb-2013

Tesla CEO Rules Out Replacing Chu at US Energy Department
Elon Musk considered more a 'fantasy pick' than a serious candidate to lead the Department of Energy. - 27-Feb-2013

Electric Cars Not a Solution for Suburbia
Australian university researchers look at the social patterns of technology distribution and find that those with the greatest need for the benefits of electric vehicles aren't able to afford them. - 27-Feb-2013

Why Aren't We All Driving EVs? Let Me Count The Ways
Rui Rodrigues sees the barriers to electric vehicle adoption being more than just technical; some of the blame can be shared by industry inertia and competitive lobbying. - 28-Feb-2013

RUMORED: GM Planning to Up Volt Production 20 Pct in 2013
Production would increase to as many as 36,000 units; while production of Cadillac ELR, based on Volt EREV drivetrain would commence end of the year. - 28-Feb-2013

Study Finds Earthquake-ravage Christchurch Offers EV Infrastructure Opportunities During Rebuild
University of Canterbury (UC) pilot study recommends using the rebuild effort after destructive earthquake in 2011 to implement policies and infrastructure to help shift away from petroleum-powered vehicles to electric. - 28-Feb-2013

South Africa Launches 'Green' Car Project
Because South Africa relies to heavily on coal for its electric power generation, the Green Car Project will rely on solar tracking installation to charge electric cars. - 28-Feb-2013

Connecticut Region Planning Agency Releases EV Infrastructure Report
Elements of the plan include inventory of existing infrastructure and policies, types of electric vehicles and costs, as well as incentives and market conditions. - 28-Feb-2013

Near Lifeless CODA Proving Political Embarrassment
Mark Lacter is asking why local politicians didn't look more critically at Coda's business plan and P&L statement before throwing their support and taxpayer money behind electric car start-up. - 28-Feb-2013

Nissan Releases Euro-Specs on 2013 LEAF
In addition to 100 modifications to original Japan-built model, range will be increased from 109 miles to 124 miles. - 28-Feb-2013