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Car Magazine Test Drives BMW i3 Electric Car
Test drive of BMW's i3 finds it is 'shaping up to be a breakthrough electric car. It delivers dynamic thrills like no electric car before it. ' - 25-Feb-2013

Honda, SolarCity Create $65M Solar Installation Fund
Funds will be used to discount up to approximately $4000 on the installation cost of rooftop solar panel systems in SolarCity's 14-state area. - 26-Feb-2013

RelayRide: Helping Cut Traffic Congestion
Renting out your car to others through programs like RelayRide said to remove 14 other vehicles off the road, says CEO Andre Haddad in this Treehugger interview. - 26-Feb-2013

Rinspeed Develops Electric MicroMAX 'urbanSWARM' Shuttle Concept
Twelve feet-long microMAX is powered by 28kW drive system and has range up to 100 km. - 26-Feb-2013

Ford, Plugshare Team Up on EV Charge Station Locator App
Ford's Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure unit have now identified more than 11,500 charging stations in the U.S. today. - 26-Feb-2013

Survey Finds One-In-Five Americans Believe Electric Cars Practical Today
Sixty percent (60%) of Rasmussen's 1000 national telephone respondents think electric cars are not practical for most drivers. - 26-Feb-2013

E-Bike Review: Pedego Trail Tracker
Orange County Register's Susan Carpenter takes Pedego's fat-tired Trail Tracker for electric-assist off road bike for a turn about an LA River tributary. - 26-Feb-2013

Electric Bike Sales Booming in Europe
Accell Group, the Dutch company which owns brands such as Koga, Lapierre and Ghost reported a 23 per cent increase in electric-assist bicycle sales year-on-year. - 26-Feb-2013

Nissan Planning to Introduce All-Electric LMP1 Car in 2014
The car, which is already granted 'Gararge 56' entry for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014 will 'showcase electric technology and zero emissions.' - 27-Feb-2013

CARB Approves Sale of AMP Electric Truck in California Starting in 2014
The AMP E-100 is capable of carrying 19,500 lbs. when fully loaded and attains a range of 100 miles on a full battery charge. - 27-Feb-2013