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California Community Wants to Know: Is There An Electric Car in Your Future?
Paul Lewin, writing on behalf of the Coachella Valley Association of Governments encourages residents to complete survey identifying their interest in acquiring electric vehicles. - 24-Feb-2013

U.S. High-Speed Rail Programs Already Creating Jobs, Economic Benefits
Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph Szabo highlights the economic benefits already being produced by high-speed rail investments that are now generating orders for 460 companies in the US Midwest, alone. - 24-Feb-2013

Turkey Aims to Play Role Electric Car Development
Research projects to be funded are to focus on vehicles used in either inner-city or public transport and must be at least four-wheeled land road vehicles. - 25-Feb-2013

BYD Sets Sights on Tripling Electric Car Sales
Goal for 2013 is to sell 6,000 e6 electric autos and 2,000 electric k9 electric buses. - 25-Feb-2013

Brits Find Savings In Switch From Pump to Plug
British commuters who were spending £15 to £18 a day for 60-mile trips are cutting that to fraction by switching from petrol-powered cars to plug-in models. - 25-Feb-2013

Will US Let China Own Advanced Battery Manufacturing?
U.S. critics see sales of advanced battery manufacturing to Chinese firms as 'pure stupidity.' - 25-Feb-2013

ARPA-E RANGE Program Seeks to Boost Battery Innovation
RANGE program aims to maximize specific energy and minimize cost of energy storage systems at the vehicle level. - 25-Feb-2013

Maltese Firm Plans Limited Production Luxury Electric Car
Plan is to build 300 of the 186 mph luxury sedans using a 'lithium battery variant' with an energy density of 400Wh/kg, double that of current lithium batteries. - 25-Feb-2013

Are EV Owners Too Enthusiastic?
Brad Tuttle thinks electric car owners' own enthusiasm may be putting off those who aren't ready to adopt the technology. - 25-Feb-2013

Car and Driver Tests Ford's C-Max Energi Electric Hybrid
Test drive reveals car's shortcomings concluding that in 'science fiction this car may make sense... but in reality, the brave new world is still on back order.' - 25-Feb-2013