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'Online' EV Charging Gains Momentum
The World Economic Forum selects the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) OLEV system as one of the world's ten most promising technologies for 2013. - 23-Feb-2013

Renault Wins Initial Order in France for 2,000 Zoe Electric Cars
French public procurement group UGAP will deliver 2,000 Renault ZOE and 100 Renault Fluence Z.E. electric vehicles over the next three years. - 23-Feb-2013

'All Roads Lead to Electric'
That's the message of the president of DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, it's just a question of how long the road is; he thinks 20-30 years before EVs become mainstream. - 23-Feb-2013

Moving Employees Electrically to Save Money
Michelin, Siemens and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are funding a new electric mobility service called RheinMobil to investigate potential costs savings of transporting employees between facilities across French and Germany borders. - 23-Feb-2013

Nissan Electric Taxis In Japan Showing Performance Degradation
Battery range has degraded by as much as half in some taxis, which is also impacting fast charging, turing a 15-minute operating into a 40 minute one, forcing drivers to sometimes refuse longer fare rides. - 23-Feb-2013

Larger Cities, More People Pose Transportation Problems for Planners
Cities and businesses are looking for ways to move people and goods more efficiently and sustainably including improving public transit and promoting greater use of bicycles. - 23-Feb-2013

GM's $1 Billion a Year Recycling Business
Forbes bureau chief Joann Muller discovers one of General Motor's lesser known enterprises, the business of recycling and repurposing its 2.5 million metric tons of industrial waste. - 23-Feb-2013

Sales Booming, Losses Growing for Tesla
Tesla CEO Musk announces that all 20,000 Model S electric sedans will be sold and that company expects to turn profitable first quarter in 2013. - 24-Feb-2013

IBM's High Risk, High Reward Pursuit of Lithium-Air Batteries
IBM researchers have demonstrated promising lithium-air batteries, but expect it will take up to a decade to achieve commercialization. - 24-Feb-2013

Range Anxiety Obscures Electric Vehicle 'Sweet Spot'
Rocky Mounty Institute's Peter Bronski sees the Tesla v. N Y Times story as obscuring the real issue: that most Americans daily drive is easily handled by virtually all production electric cars: less than 30 miles a day. - 24-Feb-2013