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The Rise and Decline of Fisker Automotive
Craig Cole recounts the travails of Fisker Automotive and its search for a new lease on life. - 21-Feb-2013

DongFeng Said to Be Lead Bidder in Fisker Takeover
Chinese state-owned automaker reportedly offering to buy 80% of plug-in electric luxury sedan. - 21-Feb-2013

Electric Car Deals Today Will Move Transportation Tomorrow
Ken Silverstein considers the early successes and inevitable failures of the news electric vehicle industry and how transportation will be transformed... eventually. - 22-Feb-2013

Electric Car Future Seen as Bright in China
20 year veteran of China auto industry, Michael Dunne reports on developments in the country, noting that the government wants to avoid 'American-like' oil addiction, while also dealing with nation's air pollution. - 22-Feb-2013

Volkswagen to Produce XL1 1-Liter Diesel Hybrid
The company has permission to build 1,000 annually of the two-seater hybrid that gets the equivalent of 235 mpg. - 22-Feb-2013

Ford Fusion Energi Electric Hybrid Granted HOV Access In California
Fusion Energi electric hybrid is now third Ford model eligible for coveted carpool lanes in California. - 22-Feb-2013

Audi to Reveal A3 e-tron Electric Hybrid Concept in Geneva
The A3 e-tron concept can drive up to 31 miles on electricity at up to 80 mpg. - 22-Feb-2013

Estonia Leads World in National Electric Car Charging Network
Estonia now has 151 EV charging stations in operation, with plans to eventually install 700 publicly-accessible units with 200 to be Fast-Charge. - 22-Feb-2013

New EV Sales: Where Should We Be?
Tali Trigg compares the sales of the original Toyota Prius to the current crop of EVs and finds reasons for optimism. - 23-Feb-2013

Is Ford Serious About Selling the Focus EV?
Green Car Report's John Voelcker doesn't think so in the light to dismal sales and SAE presentations that highlight the shortcomings of battery technology. - 23-Feb-2013