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NY Governor Proposes Green Bank, EV Charging Network
Charge New York program would invest in an electric car network aimed at reducing reliance on fossil fuels. - 16-Jan-2013

MyEnergi Lifestyle to Link Electric Cars, Home Management
Ford-led alliance will enable the convergence of electric vehicles, smart appliances and renewable energy. - 16-Jan-2013

Electric Vehicle Lessons of Success, Failure
Dr. Peter Harrop sees areas of success from forklifts to earthmovers, but considers sales of pure electric cars a 'failure.' - 16-Jan-2013

European Group Developing Electric Car Ferry for Norway
A new, all-electric ferry being built in Norway will operate between Lavik and Oppedal abd carry 120 cars and 360 passengers starting in 2015 - 16-Jan-2013

GM Unveils Cadillac ELR Electric Hybrid
Official General Motors press release on the debut of the 2014 Cadillac ELR electric hybrid luxury sport coupe; production slated for late 2013. - 16-Jan-2013

Volkswagen Introduces Twin Plug-In Concept Cars in Detroit
CrossBlue and Cross Couple Concepts both make use of diesel hybrid-electric power trains, giving the CrossBlue a range of up to 14 miles in electric mode. - 16-Jan-2013

Nissan Designs Next Generation Resonance Crossover Hybrid Concept
All-wheel drive Nissan Resonance is powered by one-motor, two-clutch system that mates a smaller displacement internal combustion petrol engine with electric motor/lithium-ion battery and advanced management system. - 16-Jan-2013

smart Introduces Next Innovation in 'Electric Dream'
Pricing for the smartED electric car start from £12,275 (US$19,656) + £55 per month ‘peace of mind’ battery lease (includes Plug-in Grant of £3,993.34) - 16-Jan-2013

2013 Nissan LEAF S Priced Close to $20K with US Tax Credit
Nissan will also continue its lease offer for the 2013 LEAF, allowing consumers to lease the electric vehicle for as low as $199 per month for 36 months. - 16-Jan-2013

Dreamliner Battery Chemistry Different From Volt, Other Electric Cars
The GS Yuasa cells in the 787 high-energy cobalt oxide (CoO2) chemistry similar to that used in cellphones and laptops, but also are more prone to overheating and thermal 'runaway,' writes John Voelcker. - 18-Jan-2013