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Tesla Plans for White Plains, NY Service Center Slowed By Approval Process
What would be the first service facility of its type in the region sits in an industrial neighborhood occupied by auto body shops and junk cars; yet the opening is being delayed by what are said to be a 'thicket of federal environmental safeguards.' - 20-Feb-2013

Suzuki, Intelligent Energy Debut Ready-to-Scale Fuel Cell Production Plant
SMILE FC joint venture aims to accelerate commercialization of Suzuki's fuel cell vehicles, including motor scooters. - 21-Feb-2013

Peak Oil Isn't Dead, Certainly Not For Prof. Chris Rhodes
The youngest professor of physical chemistry in Britain urges governments to begin to collaborate to reduce their oil consumption as the world's oil fields decline in production 5 percent each year. - 21-Feb-2013

Tesla Expects to Turn Profit In 2013, Produce 20,000 Model S
Since launch of production in 2012, Tesla has manufactured 2,750 Model S luxury electric sedans and aims to reach 20,000 annually. - 21-Feb-2013

Forest Grove Public Charging Stations: One Year Later
Six ECOtality BLINK public electric car charging stations were used 72 times for nearly 300 kWh of energy consumption since being installed in February 2012. - 21-Feb-2013

SF Bay Area Trending Towards Electric Vehicles
Ellie Van Houtte chronicles the adoption of electric vehicles in and around Los Altos, California in part one of a two-part series. - 21-Feb-2013

Is There 'Green' In Electric Car Ownership?
Part two of series by Ellie Van Houtte on the growing infusion of electric vehicles in the San Francisco Bay region, including the city of Los Altos. - 21-Feb-2013

NREL's PEV Scorecard Helping Communities Become EV Ready
NREL's PEV Scorecard walks users through a variety of PEV readiness topics, including permitting and inspection processes for charging equipment installations, incentives and promotions, education and outreach, as well as coordination with utilities. - 21-Feb-2013

More Information Leaked on Upcoming VW e-Golf
AutoForum.cz web site purportedly leaks images of Volkswagen's pre-production electric Golf, which may be revealed at Geneva Auto Show. - 21-Feb-2013

Is Tesla 'Getting There' Or Has It Already Arrived
Part two of Mark Rogowsky's series asking the question, 'Are electric cars the small niche vehicles critics claim they are?' - 21-Feb-2013