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PNNL Researchers Develop Iron-Based Fuel Cell Catalyst
Iron-based catalyst offers similar efficiency to that of current PEM-based catalysts based on platinum, but work needs to be done to speed up the process and determine its best working conditions. - 19-Feb-2013

The Real Game Changer: Driverless Electric Cars
Matthew Yglesias sees the real payoff of electric cars is making them driverless, especially taxis where the only real cost is the price of the fuel, already cheaper than gasoline. - 19-Feb-2013

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About EVSE Installation and Were Afraid to Ask
WXY's 34-page report provides detailed guidelines on the citing, installation and operation of electric vehicle service equipment. - 19-Feb-2013

Company's Sign Up for Employee At-Work Electric Car Charging
GM has 239 charging stations for its workers at company facilities, mainly in Michigan and California, but also the eight in White Marsh, Maryland plant. - 19-Feb-2013

Electric Cars Battle for Hearts, Wallets
Firestorm over NY Times article on Tesla Model S is only a minor pothole in the road to wider electric vehicle adoption, in view of most EV drivers. - 19-Feb-2013

UK Gov't Launches Phase Two of Plugged-in-Places Scheme
With some 2,800 public charging stations already installed around Britain, the next phase will raise this total to 8,000 units. - 19-Feb-2013

German Transit Operator Will Trial Wireless E-Bus Charging
During an initial period of 12 months, two completely electrically powered and inductively charged electric buses will be trialled in daily passenger operation on the existing RNV bus route. - 19-Feb-2013

Trailing the Solution to EV Range Anxiety
Blogger 'Brad' speculates that maybe rental of spare battery banks incorporated into towable trailers could solve the problem of EV range. - 19-Feb-2013

Guess What? Gas Cars Are Niche Vehicles, Too
Part one of series by Mark Rogowsky in which he argues that there is no such thing as a all-purpose automobile. All have their limitations, just like electric cars. - 19-Feb-2013

Chinese Firms Quietly Buying Up US Advanced Automotive Assets
From promising Boston Power to struggling Fisker Automotive, Chinese firms are acquiring control of US, as well as, European firms pioneering advanced automotive technologies. - 20-Feb-2013