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Racing Will Make Electric Cars Cool
The advent of Formula One-style racing will not only introduce new technologies, but allow more people to see them perform; though organizers will have to create new types of races and rules for them. - 18-Feb-2013

Indiana Lawmakers Calling For Hybrid Road Tax
A new proposal would require owners of clean energy vehicles to pay a road use tax in place of gas tax. - 18-Feb-2013

Spark EVs Initially Destined for Canadian Fleets
The Spark EV will be first electric car to utilize new SAE Combo DC Fast Charging system that can enable the car to be recharged to 80 percent of battery capacity in just 20 minutes. - 18-Feb-2013

Spanish Group Develops Competing Foldable Electric City Car
Casple Group develops their own folding electric city car in competition with Basque-developed Hiriko. - 18-Feb-2013

Chicago EV Road Rally Retraces 1895 Event
Technabob blog recounts participation in modern electric-drive vehicle rally as part of the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. - 18-Feb-2013

Tesla Model S Owners Disprove NY Times Article
Group of Tesla Model S owners replicate controversial road trip by NY Times reporter John Broder, without running out of charge. - 18-Feb-2013

Taking on Gasoline Cars: Tesla's Strategy the Right One
While a supporter for electric vehicles, Christof Demont-Heinrich sees gasoline engine vehicles still having an advantage over EVs, but applauds Tesla's head-on assault on ICE-age auto technology. - 18-Feb-2013

Which EV Had Best Marketing Launch
Nino Marchetti considers the marketing and sales track records to date for the Toyota Prius, Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, concluding that based on the numbers, the LEAF had the best launch. - 18-Feb-2013

Telsa vs NY Times Fight Focusing On Wrong Issue
Grist's David Roberts argues that instead of obsessing over 'widget' solutions to our energy and transportation problems, we need to rethink the entire system. - 18-Feb-2013

Telephones, Computers, Electric Cars and Other Marketing Failures
W. L. Leow analyzes the consumer uptake of electric vehicles compared to other technological innovations, concluding predictions of market failure will join similarly short-sighted pronouncements. - 18-Feb-2013