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Mercedes Builds 100 MPH Electric Racing Boat
38-foot Cigarette racer uses 12 electric motors to produce 2,200 hp, giving it a top speed of 99.4 mph. - 16-Feb-2013

Protean Improves In-Wheel Electric Vehicle Motor
First shown at SAE 2012 World Congress, the in-wheel electric drive motor, which will begin limited product in China over the next 12 months, now offers more peak torque and improved efficiency, says the company. - 16-Feb-2013

Fisker Seeking Suitors As Far Afield As China
Speculation centers around one possible partner: Dongfeng, based in Wuhan, China. Day-to-day operations being managed by Huron Consulting Group in Chicago, with the investor search in the hands of Evercore Partners. - 16-Feb-2013

'Hydrogen Future' Gets A Second Look
While fuel cells powered by very pure hydrogen gas can solve some of the problems of battery electric cars, they also bring challenges of their own. - 16-Feb-2013

Readers Respond to Washington Post Op-Ed Critical of Electric Cars
Three Washington Post readers take issue with Charles Lane's Feb. 12, 2013 op-ed critical of electric vehicles, including NRG Energy CEO David Crane. - 17-Feb-2013

California Lawmakers Proposing Medium-Speed Electric Vehicle Law
Assembly Bill 225 would prohibit medium speed - greater than current 25 mph federal limit - electric vehicles from freeways and major highways, but would allow them to travel 35 mph or faster, as is allowed in 10 other states. - 17-Feb-2013

Ontario Community Wants to Get On Electric Car 'Bandwagon
London, Ontario's director environmental programs and solid waste, Jay Stanford sees electric cars taking off over the next five years and it's his job to help the city prepare by identifying the best locations for public chargers. - 17-Feb-2013

Israel Rental Firm to Offer Renault Electric Car
Eldan Car Rental Company will rent, for a 25% higher rate, the Renault Fluence ZE, the same car used by Better Place. - 17-Feb-2013

Russia's Yo-Mobil Delayed Again to Fall 2015
Russia’s first hybrid vehicle using dual fuels and ultracapacitors is to be made available as a coupe, hatchback, and minivan: range is estimated at 250 miles and MPG rated at 67mpg - 17-Feb-2013

Electric Cars Running Out of Juice? Just Ask Their Owners
In the wake of the NY Times vs. Tesla dust up, Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF owners come to the defense of electric-drive cars. - 17-Feb-2013