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Electric Car Charging Industry to Grow to $3.8 Billion in 2020
The key short-term challenge for commercial EVSE sales is to devise viable business models, concludes Pike Research. - 14-Feb-2013

Is the Electric Vehicle Industry Gaining Momentum?
Kris Settle finds all the outdated stereotyping of electric cars as 'boring, unattractive, and underperforming hunks of space-age junk... tiresome.' - 14-Feb-2013

How to Successfully Drive Tesla Model S Cross Country
Model S owner Peter Soukup recently completed 5,000 mile cross-country trip and offers advice to NY Times reporter John Broder on how to not run out of charge. - 14-Feb-2013

Driving Tesla's Model S In the Real World
Chris Ziegler borrows a Model S for road trip around the California and finds its a very special car that convinced him this might be the future of transportation. - 14-Feb-2013

Why Electric Car Owners Prefer Home Charging
Convenience and cost are key reasons, but it takes planning and homework to get EVSE's, as they're called, installed at the right time and manner. - 15-Feb-2013

Nissan Sells More Than 50,000 LEAF Electric Cars
Nissan's electric cars have now amassed more than 160 million miles. - 15-Feb-2013

Tesla, NY Times Feud Misses Point of Electric Cars
Electric cars need to be thought of more as an efficient way to get from A to B in our daily commutes, not as long-range travel machines, writes Bryan Walsh. - 15-Feb-2013

Hyundai SUV Shows Promise of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Future
Latest generation of Hyundai fuel cell vehicle would run upward of $200,000USD, ten times the cost of gasoline model, but carmakers are banking on cost reductions by the time they start selling them after 2015. - 15-Feb-2013

Tesla Says Driver Logs Will Prove Their Case Against NY Times Article
John Broder's test drive of Model S was duly recorded by the car's data logging system since it was a media drive, a policy that does not extend to private owner vehicles, assures Elon Musk. - 15-Feb-2013

Robotic Nissan LEAF Drives Itself
Rather than using GPS, Oxford's robotic Nissan LEAF electric car uses 3D lasers to learn the surroundings and take over driving if the driver desires. - 15-Feb-2013