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How to Sell A Million Electric Cars
Convergence Marketing's Richard Rosen argues that what successful electric vehicle marketing has to combine brand advertising that promotes awareness with customer interaction tools. - 13-Feb-2013

AeroVironment Offers Turnkey Financing, Installation of EV Chargers
First of its kind program makes dealerships one-stop-shops for EV drivers and expands dealers' finance options. - 13-Feb-2013

Megatrends That Will Change All Our Lives
Author of New Mega Trends Sarwant Singh outlines the trends he sees impacting our lives in coming years, including electric mobility. - 13-Feb-2013

State of the Union Address Calls for Energy Security Trust
The proposal suggests the White House will redouble its support for electric vehicles and biofuels in effort to shift America away from reliance on petroleum. - 13-Feb-2013

Obama Administration Now Proposing to Fund Development of Wider Range of 'Green' Vehicles
AOL Autos' editor-in-chief David Kiley believes the Obama Administration is backing away from its support for electric vehicles and its 1 million EV goal, while lamenting the need to have both an iPhone and Droid phone to talk to various car systems. - 14-Feb-2013

New York Mayor Proposes Building Out Electric Car Charging Network, Also Targets Styrofoam
Bloomberg calls for city to install curbside charging and require 20 percent of all new public parking projects be wired for electric cars with goal of 10,000 spaces over the next seven years. - 14-Feb-2013

Education, Expertise Key Element in Bridging Consumer Gap to Electric Vehicles
The dealers have to catch up with how to sell hybrids, plug-ins, and electric vehicles and on how to support their buyers, says Plug In America's Kirk Brown. - 14-Feb-2013

Electric Cars Make Sense Today
Columnist Jim Mullin says he just bought his last 'gas-powered' car, noting that electric cars are practical today. - 14-Feb-2013

Researcher Finds J1772 Connector Probable Cause of Overheating Blink Chargers
Tests of Blink charger points finger at REMA J1772 connector that is rated for a maximum of 6 kilowatt charge rate. - 14-Feb-2013

Honda Expands Fit EV Leases to Five US East Coast States
The electric Fit will be available at selected locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey later this month. - 14-Feb-2013