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Battery Performance Steadily Improving, Costs Declining
Tesla CTO J.B. Strauble and Better Place founder Shai Agassi stress the importance in battery costs and energy density at Cleantech Investor Summit . - 11-Feb-2013

How Electric Cars Can Get the Equivalent of 99 MPG
Stephen Edelstein explains the math behind EPA mileage ratings on electric-drive cars and how it's possible to get such high ratings. - 11-Feb-2013

Interbike Showcases E-Bikes at First National Media Event
Inaugural event will introduce media attendees to electric bicycles in America, and features Bikes Belong VP Bruno Maier and EV World's Bill Moore. - 11-Feb-2013

It's Too Soon For Electric Car Eulogy
Reuters might think the electric car dream is dead, but not the folks at Gas2.0. - 12-Feb-2013

Oil Prices Will Charge Up Electric Car Industry
Investment contrarian George Leong looks at the energy market and sees a promising future for not only electric cars, but for companies like AeroVironment that provide the technology for them. - 12-Feb-2013

US Northeast Needs More Public Chargers
Winter in the U.S. Northeast means cold and that subtracts range from any car, but especially electric ones, making it imperative for more public charging stations than in warmer climes of North America, argues NYSERDA and John Voelcker - 12-Feb-2013

Study Analyzes Electric Vehicle Industry Impact on Oregon
Portland State University study finds EV industry amounts to $266.5 million dollars in Oregon, including 400 full-time jobs and 15,000 indirectly. - 12-Feb-2013

Tesla Chief Calls NY Times Model S Test Drive 'Fake'
Elon Musk tells CNBC that he believes John Broder's failed test drive from Washington to Boston a 'set up and is unreasonable.' - 13-Feb-2013

Wind Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels in Australia, Solar Not Far Behind
Bloomberg New Energy Finance study finds that even subtracting the $23AUS carbon tax, wind power can generate power more cheaply than new coal plants. - 13-Feb-2013

German Firm Aims to Make Electric Car Charging More Ubiquitous
Ubitricity would replace bulky, stationary charge points with mobile electricity meter that will stay in the trunk of your electric car and allow you to charge at Ubitricity sockets. - 13-Feb-2013