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The eREV In Your Future
Frost & Sullivan predicts the market segment for extended range electric vehicles (eREV) like the Volt and Cadillac ELR will see rapid acceleration in coming years. - 08-Feb-2013

The More Renewable Power, The Cleaner the Electric Car
The more hydroelectric power, solar, wind and similar renewable forms of energy powering the national grid, the cleaner electric cars become, with Iceland and Paraquay being the greenest in terms of CO2 emssions per kilometer - 08-Feb-2013

MOVEO Debuts Folding Electric Scooter Prototype
After five years of development in Hungary, Moveo working prototype weighs 25 kilograms (55 lbs), has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), and a battery range of 35 kilometers (21.75 miles) per charge. - 08-Feb-2013

Elon Musk Offers Battery Advice to Boeing
While Boeing says it has the situation with its 787 Dreamliner lithium batteries 'under control', Musk willing to share Tesla team's experience with Panasonic nickel-cobalt-aluminum lithium-ion batteries. - 08-Feb-2013

Former Volvo Chef Remains Skeptical of EV Viability
Stefan Jakoby, who resigned from Volvo in 2012 after a mild stroke, reaffirms that he doesn't see electric cars going mainstream in the 'foreseeable future.' - 08-Feb-2013

Hybrid, Electric Cars Far From 'Dying' Category
With aid of seven year sales graph, John Gartner corrects impression that electric-drive vehicles are failures. - 10-Feb-2013

Henrik Fisker Defends Firm's Electric Hybrid Strategy
Speaking to the Economic Club of Chicago during the Chicago Auto Show says that relaunch of Karma production 'soon.' - 10-Feb-2013

Florida Event Features E-Bikes for Commuting
ding! Bikes using Downtown Winter Park Farmer's Market to demostrate brands of electric-assist bicycles to local residents. - 10-Feb-2013

Dutch Put Electric Cars to the Test
If electric cars finally catch on, it'll first be in Holland, a small country with high petrol prices and a long tradition of environmental activism. - 10-Feb-2013

Tesla Model S Test Drive on Wintery East Coast Ends On Back of Tow Truck
John Broder finds himself stalled short of a charging station in Connecticut in his first cross-country drive of a Tesla Model S. - 11-Feb-2013