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Renault ZOE Struggling to Market
According to blogger Rude Baguette, launch of flagship electric car delayed until Spring 2013. - 06-Feb-2013

California Holds Firm on Zero Emission Vehicle Sales Rules
State's zero emission vehicle mandate requires carmakers to sell just 7,500 zero-emission vehicles between 2012 and 2014, increasing to one-in-seven new vehicles sold by 2025. - 07-Feb-2013

China Consortium to Develop E-Bus Network in Poland
Consortium led by the Beijing Institute of Technology will utilize six electric bues with battery swapping system in two-year trial in Poland. - 07-Feb-2013

Poll Finds Americans Favor Carbon Tax to Spending Cuts
Commissioned by Friends of the Earth and conducted by the Mellman Group, December 2012 survey finds voters 'overwhelmingly prefer it to cutting spending.' - 07-Feb-2013

Toyota Recycles Hybrid Batteries Into Energy Management Systems
The first systems will go on sale this April and will tip the scales at 2,160 pounds – almost as much as a 2012 Prius. - 07-Feb-2013

Training Dealers to Sell More Electric Cars
Ford is working to increase electric vehicle sales through training and certification of dealers. - 07-Feb-2013

UPS Adding 100 Electric Delivery Vans
According to UPS, the vans have a single-charge range of up to 75 miles and used to deliver packages to customers in Sacramento, San Bernardino, Ceres, Fresno and Bakersfield. - 07-Feb-2013

Better Place Closes US, Australia Operations
Financially-pressed electric car network company said to be focusing on operations in Israel and Denmark. - 07-Feb-2013

Shift to Fuel Cells Still A Bad Idea, Says Bob Lutz
Bob Lutz predicts that 'unless something close to magic happens,' fuel-cells vehicles will forever be expensive 'wall flowers.' - 07-Feb-2013

Ford Focus EV Earns NHTSA Five-Star Rating
The added weight of the batteries in electric cars like the Focus EV helps in a crash with a similar sized car with a gasoline drive. - 08-Feb-2013