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Aussie EV Drivers Remain Upbeat Despite Better Place Setbacks
Local electric car association in Canberra contend there are other options available for drivers interested in EVs in the wake of delay in rolling out Better Place network. - 04-Feb-2013

CSM's Guide to Reading Electric Hybrid Specs
Christian Science Monitor looks at the fine print in manufacturer specification sheets. - 04-Feb-2013

Tennessee Charging Stations Outnumber Electric Cars?
Does the fact that people see few electric cars using public chargers prove there are more of them than there are electric cars in the state? - 04-Feb-2013

Geely Partners with Kandi, While BAIC Allies with Daimler
China-watcher Doug Young analyzes recent moves by two of China's largest carmakers. - 04-Feb-2013

Cycling Overtakes Driving in London Borough
Sixty-five per cent of households in suburb of Hackney are now car-free, up from 56% in 2001, but in 2010, 119 cyclists were involved in hit-and-run accidents. - 04-Feb-2013

Translogic Gets Hands-On Experience with Tesla Supercharger Network
By comparison, the GE charger at the author's residence can recharge up to 16 miles of range per hour, while the Tesla unit can replenish 50 miles of range per hour. - 04-Feb-2013

Electric Car Batteries Safer Than Used in Boeing Dreamliner
Melissa Pistilli explains the differences in various lithium ion battery chemistries used in electric vehicles from that used in Boeing's grounded 787 Dreamliner. - 05-Feb-2013

Toyota Pragmatically Pursing Hybrids Today, Fuel Cells Tomorrow
Toyota Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada sees fuel cells as the future rather than the battery electric car approach being pursued by Nissan. - 05-Feb-2013

Plug-In Car Owners Charged Up By Blocked Charging Stations
Los Gatos charging stations are not exclusive, allowing ICE-age cars to park in sports, blocking them for electric car owners who need to recharge. - 06-Feb-2013

Range-extended Hybrids to Hit 300K+ Units By 2018
Frost & Sullivan also forecasts there will be 14 models with both ICE and fuel cell and micro-turbine range-extending engines - 06-Feb-2013